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“When I first started in this business I wasn’t very successful, but Locations was there to help…the company said, ‘as long as you’re willing to put in the work and the time, we’ll put the resources behind you to help you.”

Tom Presler,
REALTOR®, Partner

Why Locations is your Perfect Location?
There is truly no other real estate firm like Locations.

For nearly half of a century, we have been on a mission to create countless success stories for our agents and their customers. We’re obsessed with putting your customer first so you can earn more, have the lifestyle you want, and the career you deserve. We listen to our agents and their customers. We innovate. We thrive. A career in real estate can be exceptionally rewarding, and we’re ready to help you realize your full potential.

Fact: Locations has more agents in the Top 100 than any other company in Hawaii.


A Full Suite of On-Boarding - Benefits


Introduction to company values – now you’ll really know our “secret sauce.” Plus, we introduce you to key supporters, and a “buddy” system to ensure your success.


We promote you to local media and your sphere with business cards, a press release, announcement cards, open house signs, and more.


Tools and systems are a breeze when you have a team behind you to ensure that you are up and running in no time. We also have one-on-one training and group sessions to make things easier for you.


Arming you with the 3 C’s to help you earn more: Coaching, CRM and CAR. You’ll also have a team of people and resources to support your business with Transaction Management (TM) and TM Plus to take care of your transactions from escrow to closing.


We‘ll quickly get you through the usual paperwork and make sure you understand your benefits so you can get to what you do best – selling.

The majority of on-boarding integration will occur in the first 30 days, and your Locations support team with 100+ employees will be with you every day!


If you are a licensed real estate agent looking to elevate your career.

Agent Testimonials

"What can we do that's new and different that's gonna help our agents be more successful in real estate."

Sherrie Kuroda,
REALTOR®, Partner